Jennifer Bohnhoff

Jennifer Bohnhoff is the author of two historical novels for middle grade readers, one set in Normandy just before the D-Day invasion and one set at Gettysburg during the Civil War battle. She has written other novels set in periods between the Paleolithic and the present.

Her novel Code: Elephants on the Moon is available now.
Eponine Lamaol doesn’t understand the radio announcer when he says “And now some special messages: The siren has bleached hair. Electricity dates from the twentieth century. The moon is full of elephants.” Then again, little has made sense to her since the German army began to occupy her small town near the coast of Normandy. Most of the natives seem to hate her because she is Breton. Her Jewish classmate has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The charming and handsome son of the mayor treats her well, but sympathizes with the Germans. Can she trust the the disfigured German sergeant who tries to befriend her? As rumors of an allied invasion swirl around her, Eponine begins to understand that nothing and no one is what it seems, and that the phrase ‘The moon is full of elephants’ makes more sense and is fraught with more danger than she could have ever believed possible.
Right now, you can download this award-winning ebook at Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Available as a paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace.

The Bent Reed is also available for purchase.
It’s June of 1863 and Sarah McCoombs feels isolated and uncomfortable when her mother pulls her from school and allows a doctor to treat her scoliosis with a cumbersome body cast. She thinks life can't get much worse, but she's wrong. Physically and socially awkward, 15-year-old Sarah thinks her life is crumbling. She worries about her brother Micah and neighbor Martin, both serving in the Union Army. She frets over rumors that rebel forces are approaching the nearby town of Gettysburg. When the McCoombs farm becomes a battlefield and then a hospital, Sarah must reach deep inside herself to find the strength to cope as she nurses wounded soldiers from both sides. Can she find even more courage to continue to follow her dreams despite her physical disabilities and her disapproving mother?
The Bent Reed is available in paperback now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace and as an ebook at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

A 7th grade social studies teacher, Jennifer has a Master’s Degree in Education. She is a specialist in reading intervention and is certified and has taught English as a second language to students from all over the world. She has lectured and given workshops to schools and the New Mexico Council for the Social Studies on using visuals and technology to help struggling middle school readers comprehend complex text.

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